Two hexagon marble plates

Trendy Wedding – Marble

Trendy Wedding – Marble Everything!

I’m starting off this first edition of Trendy Wedding with what is one of the most popular trends for weddings coming into 2017. Marble! If you have been planning your wedding for a while already, and you’ve looked at Pinterest, even just once, you have likely seen this trend before. This is because the marble pattern itself is so easily applied to any wedding décor.

So why has marble become such a big trend in weddings? Even though today, marble has become much more accessible to the everyday person, historically, it has carried a very luxurious reputation with it. This was partly due to its lack of accessability and high cost. You often see marble used for museum floors or as the base of grand staircases. In fact, it has been used as a material for sculptures even as far back as Ancient Greece. Fast forward to today and even though, due to the impracticality of making a cake out of marble, we’ve been relegated to often using just the pattern, it still screams elegance and class.

I’d like to share with you some great ways to integrate this trend into your upcoming wedding!



If you’ve already seen the marble trend floating around the internet, you’ve most likely seen it on cakes. Marble wedding cakes are huge right now, and because the pattern is not overly obnoxious, it’s really easy to mix with other cake décor trends such as gold foiling or sugar flowers. If you really want to get creative, you can also use the pattern on sugar cookies and French macaroons!

Marble Cake
Created by The Statement Cake in Vancouver! Check out her Instagram at thestatementcake
Sugar cookie with marble icing and gold foiling
This sugar cookie also by The Statement Cake is too pretty to eat!



Your stationary is a great way to carry the marble trend throughout the entire wedding. Start by using it in your invitations. This will give your guests a taste of what’s to come. Then bring it back in your place cards, menus, and pull it all together with thank-you cards. Since the pattern is so trendy right now, you can easily find it on prefabricated stationary if you want to save a dollar.


DécorTwo hexagon marble plates

Another great way to showcase this trend is in the little details at your wedding. For instance, you could have marble candle holders, marble plant pots (these look really great with succulents in them), and even gift marble coasters to your wedding party. Having the marble print on your charger plates is also a beautiful touch.



Marble staircase decorated with floral and candles
The Vancouver Club lobby staircase

Finally, what better way to bring this elegant design into your wedding, than with your venue? Vancouver is lucky enough to have numerous beautiful, elegant venues with marble features. One of my favourites being The Vancouver Art Gallery. The gallery has a ceremony space with marble staircases that curve down on either side of the room. The space is enhanced with natural light pouring down from the glass dome above. Imagine walking down the staircase as a beautiful bride, all done up, and descending toward your guests and fiancé! Another favourite of mine is The Vancouver Club. This venue makes an incredible impact when you first walk in. Not only are the floors and stairs marble, but even the concierge desk is made out of marble! It is truly a beautiful sight to behold and it will really make a statement as your ceremony space.

The Vancouver Club lobby

Of course, there are an endless number of ways to incorporate this trend into your special day, and I’m always astonished at the creative ways I see people using it. Great places to find more inspiration would be Pinterest and Instagram, and please, share your ideas and images with me!

Have a berry great day!


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