How to Own the New Year – Part 5/5 Fail and Move On

Well, it is finally here! Part 5/5 of “How to Own the New Year”! If you’ve been reading since the beginning thank you so much for being a part of this! If you are just joining now, go check out tips 1-4 and let me know what you think!


5. Fail and Move On

Today’s tip to success addresses something that I think most people have had at least one encounter with in their life, if not many. And that is failure. Failing sucks. It hurts your pride, your confidence, and sometimes even how the people around you perceive you. Over and over again people set goals for themselves in the new year and at one point or another they fail. They then doubt whether they are capable of completing the goal and give up. But giving up is not the solution!


When you look at someone who has a lot of success in their life, you might think how incredibly lucky they are that everything they have tried has gone their way. But I can guarantee you that no matter who you pick out, and no matter what level of success they have now, at some point or another they have failed! In fact, their past failures have most likely been great contributors to their current success. There is this common perception in society, that people who are successful (whatever you define that to be) have either had a lot of dumb luck or that they are impossibly perfect. However, the truth is, anyone who has success, (and I mean long lasting success, not a one hit wonder) has reached it with one thing only, hard work. And hard work means failing and then getting up and continuing to push to accomplish your goals. Failure is inevitable, simply because we can’t predict the future and no one knows 100% what the result of their actions will be. But what you can rely on is your work ethic. So the next time you fail, rather than looking at it as a negative, telling yourself you’re a failure, and then giving up, look at it as a lesson. Think about what caused things to go wrong and how you could have done it differently. Then try again and take another approach! Remember what I said in tip 3, negative thinking will get you nowhere. Failing and then reevaluating, however, will teach you the most valuable lessons in life and in turn, lead to your success.


And that’s it! Today’s tip was short but important. My final piece of advice is this: the five tips I have given you this week are only half of the solution. The other half is actually implementing them and putting in the hard work. Pick goals that will make you happy and the journey there will be a lot easier. But you will still have to take steps that may be less enjoyable to get there. Just remind yourself of why you’re doing it all and keep a smile on your face! I know you’re all capable of doing amazing things.


Please share your thoughts about these tips with me on social media, and share the articles with friends if you think they can benefit too! All the best in the new year and keep checking back for more content!


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