How to Own the New Year – Part 4/5 Do What You Love

Hello again! I’m back with part 4/5 on owning the new year and I believe that this is the most important one so let’s get right into it!

4. Do What You Love

Today’s tip may seem incredibly obvious. Of course, you should be doing what makes you happy right? But unfortunately for many people, doing what makes them happy remains a pipe dream for their whole lives. I am here to stop you from becoming that person and to convince you that you can do what you love and that you should!

All of the steps I have mentioned to you over the past 3 days (and especially tomorrow’s tip!) will be very difficult if the goal you are using them to reach is not something that you really want. Yesterday, I said that the reason many people do not attain their new year’s goals is because they don’t think they are capable of doing so. Another reason, however,  is that the idea of those goals doesn’t really make them happy and therefore they are unmotivated to reach them.

So why are we setting goals for ourselves that we don’t really want? There are a number of answers to this. The first being, that certain goals have been so normalized by society, that we set them for ourselves, simply because everyone else is doing so. Examples of this would be, eating healthy, getting fit, or even going to university. These goals are certainly not bad ones, but they are very difficult to stick to if you don’t want to be doing them. Now I’m not saying that you need to throw all your new year’s resolutions out the door and start completely fresh. First take a look at how you plan to fulfill your goals this year. If you are planning to get into shape by running every day or by buying a gym membership but you hate both running and the gym, chances are you will lose the motivation to do both pretty quickly. Explore your options a little more! Running might be what all your friends are doing but maybe that recreational hip hop class at your community centre sounds way more fun to you!

The second reason many people set goals for themselves that they don’t love is because they don’t feel the goals they really want are ambitious enough. Maybe this means you’ve decided to go on a juice cleanse because it sounds really hardcore, but you’d actually rather continue to eat chocolate every day and just add more vegetables to your diet. Or maybe, you’re like me and you’ve pushed your dream job aside because it doesn’t sound as realistic or ambitious as going into something like law or finances. I have wanted to be a wedding planner ever since my grade 11 business class where I created a fake event planning business for my end of year project. But somehow I ended up getting a degree in history! I pushed the job of event planner out of my mind because I thought it wouldn’t be as accepted as something like a teacher. And to be honest, I wasn’t entirely wrong. Now when I tell people what I do, I often get comments like “but who needs someone to plan events for them?” or my personal favourite, “I thought you would choose to do something more challenging”. But the only thing these comments do is make me even more motivated to excel in my chosen career. And that is the key! Motivation! I don’t let these comments defeat me because I love what I do, I want to be doing it and I know that I can be successful at it because of that.

So here is what I want you to get out of this article: set goals for yourself because they excite and motivate you, and no matter how difficult they seem to attain, your motivation will get you there. Do not allow external pressures to direct your life because you only have one and you want to enjoy it. And most importantly, if you set goals for yourself that make you happy, it doesn’t matter how unambitious they may sound to other people, you can make any goal as challenging and rewarding as you want it to be. You just have to love it enough to put all of your time and effort into it! So take a moment to have a second look at your goals for this year. Do they really truly get you excited to complete them? If not, either rewrite the execution plan or the goal entirely. It doesn’t matter if it sounds completely underwhelming or out of this world difficult, if you love it, you will own it!

Thanks again for reading and share if it’s helped! Tomorrow will be the last tip of this 5 part series and I can’t wait to share it with you!


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