Why You Need to Throw a Costume Party

So, you’re throwing a party. It may be for a birthday, holiday, or you’re just in the mood to celebrate, but you know you want to make it special and you’re stuck on how exactly to do that. Have you thought about throwing a costume party? Once we become adults we generally push costume parties out of our minds, reserving them only for our kids birthdays or Halloween. I was in the same mindset until I recently planned a 70’s themed costume party for a 50th birthday. I assumed as it was adults only, that guests would feel silly or not put in the effort. However, the date of the event arrived and I was completely surprised! The event was a total hit, and I am now convinced that adult costume parties are where it’s at. Here are the top three reasons that you too, should throw a costume party.


1. Your friends are way more creative and fun than you think.

We know our friends are busy with families, jobs, and life in general, and so we figure that if we label a party as a costume party our guests will automatically think, “too much work, not coming”. But it is the opposite that is true! Our friends are so busy that they are just waiting for an excuse to let loose! At the 70’s party I planned, when parents RSVP’d they often wanted to know if they could bring their kids. When I told them it was an adults only party I expected them to say they couldn’t come, but I was often met with excitement! This event gave them the excuse they needed to get a babysitter and get creative. I was astonished by the costumes they showed up in. They put in so much effort and had a ton of fun getting dressed up. It made for great pictures and an automatic ice breaker for guests who didn’t know each other.


2. We all love a little nostalgia.

When you’re planning a costume party, it is usually a good idea to pick a theme. This gives your guests a place to start when thinking about what they want to wear. Whether it be a decade or even a movie series such as Star Wars or Harry Potter, we all love reminiscing about years gone by. Somehow it is easy to forget the negative things that have happened in the past, hence why your grandma always talks about how “Things were always better in the good old days.”. Giving your party a theme that creates nostalgic feelings is a great way to get your guests pumped for the party. In addition, once you know your theme you can then find decor items that match it and place them in all the little nooks and crannies of your venue. This way everywhere your guests turn they are delightfully surprised and pleasant memories are aroused. At this event, in particular, we asked guests to dress up as their favourite 70’s personalities. When they arrived we had name tags for them on which they wrote who they were supposed to be. Every time a guest met someone new, they were also met with a character from their childhood!


3. It is a memory that will last for both you and your guests.

For the above reasons, you know your guests are going to have a blast at your costume party. (Especially if a few drinks have been passed around!) If you add in some fun games such as a costume contest, the memories and laughs will only increase. Your party will be talked about and looked back upon for years to come. A great way to savour these memories is to have a photographer present to capture all the fun and important moments. However, if that’s out of your budget, create a hashtag for your event. Ask guests to take photos and post them on Instagram with the hashtag you created. This creates a free online album which both you and your guests can look back on. Having a costume party makes your event stand out from all others in the year, and if you’re up for it, you can even make it annual, changing the theme each year. Knowing how fun the first event was will ensure that guests book that date off for following years and it gives your friends something to look forward to!


No matter what way you look at it, having a costume party is a great idea and will always guarantee your guests have a fun time. You certainly don’t have to make every event that you put on a costume event, but it’s definitely worth trying out once! I hope I’ve inspired in you some fun and exciting ideas for your next party. And please, if you put on a great event, I would love to see what you created! Share your images and stories with me on Instagram or Twitter! I can’t wait to see what you create.

To see more photos from this event: http://berryevents.ca/portfolio/#38




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